Mountain Pose at the summit of Mt. Lafayette, 2018

Mountain Pose at the summit of Mt. Lafayette, 2018

Finding joy in Half Lord of the Fishes (Half Spinal Twist or Ardha Matsyendrasana), 2018

Finding joy in Half Lord of the Fishes (Half Spinal Twist or Ardha Matsyendrasana), 2018


I believe that health and wellness is an active endeavor that takes consistency, intention, and curiosity. I also believe “what” you do on this endeavor is far less important than the “when” “how” or “why.” Moreover, I am firm believer that physical wellness is only one piece of the pie, and while it can be a great place to start your wellness journey it often isn’t the end of the path. If you share these beliefs, or are ready to try a different path to health and wellness, come to one of my classes or workshops, or reach out to me via email.

Background: I am a certified Professional Yoga Therapist (PYT) and a certified and NH licensed athletic trainer (AT). Originally from Connecticut, I have been an active lover of the outdoors since childhood. Sports and anatomy were two of my first loves, and this combination introduced me to athletic training. I graduated summa cum laude from Quinnipiac University in 2008 with a BS in Athletic Training/Sports Medicine and then went on to get my MS in Athletic Training from the University of Kentucky graduating cum laude in 2010.

My yoga practice started in 2007 when I took a class in college and loved the mental and physical release felt from the slower pace and inward focus of the practice. After my own knee injury in 2012, I discovered Ginger Garner and the PYT Institute. This is when I started my PYT certification, and I began teaching in 2013. Since then I have been incorporating yoga and a more holistic approach, utilizing the pentagon of wellness and biopsychosocial model.

My style of teaching is intentional and focuses on alignment while inviting you to listen to your mind, body and breath. I hope that you always leave class feeling as though you have learned something new and created some space.

Mission Statement: 

My personal mission is to maintain my own balance in life and to then help others do the same in order to nourish gratitude, vitality, acceptance, and joy.

My mission as a healthcare professional is to build a community that provides engaged, empowered, and holistic healing for body, mind, and spirit for the active person. 


State of New Hampshire Office of Licensed Allied Health Professionals  0551

Nat. Athletic Trainers’ Assoc. Board of Certification-Certified Athletic Trainer  060802250

NASM Behavior Change Specialist  March 2018

Professional Yoga Therapist  March 2014-March 2017       

American Heart Association CPR/AED Certification  exp 3/2021

NSCA Certified Personal Trainer February 2013

ACE Certified Massage Cupping Practitioner - Level 1  July 2013

Rock Tape Kinesiology Taping - Level 1  November 2012

Graston Technique Massage  - Level 1 August 2012